At THC LAB, we are offering investors exposure to a diversified & professionally managed portfolio of early-mid stage investments in the  evolving global cannabis market. We believe cannabis is the next  investable market at this time and it represents a unique opportunity to capitalize on a  new industry with already established demands



Our Vision is to accelerate success in the global cannabis market. 

THC Lab is pushing the new cannabis narrative through Canadian and international regulatory compliance and professional process based operations that consistently produce high quality products for consumers. Since 2012, we have sourced field experts to drive innovation forward in the regulated cannabis market. With our partners, we have helped to shape the framework for the future of this global industry


We are a private investment fund dedicated exclusively to the Canadian and international medical cannabis market. The fund invests in sectors across the cannabis value chain including production, construction, research, consumer products and retail and branding. This cross vertical approach creates an environment among portfolio investments that helps fuel growth and innovation